Reference Letter II

April 11th, 2017


To whom it may concern,


Sunny Ji-Yeon Chung offered to volunteer her time at NCS to help in the music class. I suggested that she help with the grade four and five music classes as we were preparing for our annual opera. At first, Sunny observed the classes and would debrief with me after each visit. Then she became actively involved in assisting in the classes. She recorded the kids singing and the music of the piano. She would make suggestions to help guide the students in creating their original songs. She would make notes to reference what happened in the class. Later in the evenings and on weekends Sunny would take those recordings and create arrangements for violin, recorders, piano, Orff and percussion instruments. These arrangements would be shared with the school community and allowed students the ability to both rehearse at home privately and in the classroom collectively. This was a music software that the school was not using, but through Sunny’s efforts in assisting the school with the opera project has become a software program that we are interested in purchasing for future projects.


Mrs. Chung worked with groups of students of different sizes alongside myself. She was instrumental in assisting students to compose music that would compliment the libretto and overall mood of each song throughout our Opera. Sunny is a hard worker. She was motivated to have students take ownership in the production, and that their ideas were being manifest in the arrangements she made. When she noticed through rehearsals that some editing of the arrangements were necessary to enable students of varying abilities to perform the arrangements, she was quick to adjust the scores. During the process of preparing for the opera, she conducted a class alongside a veteran teacher whilst I was away with a band at a Jazz Festival. Sunny was more than capable of taking the entire class by herself, but at the time did not hold her BC teacher’s certificate, and so a veteran teacher was placed in the class purely as an assistant. She did very well. The kids respected and enjoyed her teaching very much.


Sunny has a passion for teaching music and would do well in any music classroom. I would highly recommend her to any school looking to hire a music teacher. I can be reached at the contact information below or at **********@*************.com Sincerely,


Randy Smith

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Dear parents,

My prime goal as a music educator is to help children to utilize music as a tool in expressing their feelings and ideas - in an environment where the students feel safe and welcomed.  Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions and concerns about your child or music program. 

Sunny J.Y. Chung


Sunny Ji-Yeon (Lee) Chung

Elementary Music, BIS


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