Reference Letter III

April 15, 2017


Brianne de Verteuil


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Sunny J Chung


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I highly recommend Sunny Chung for a teaching position in a music classroom.


During my position as a music teacher at Frank J. Ney Elementary this year, Sunny introduced herself and offered to volunteer in my music classroom. She was eager to brush up and develop her skills as a teacher, to eventually put her teaching degree to use. Her love of music education was evident in the introduction letter she prepared, and when she started working with me I was impressed with her lesson plans, professionalism, and commitment.


I observed Sunny as she prepared, developed, and delivered a variety of lessons for the students; playing accompaniments on the piano; mentoring students at recess; learning a variety of instruments and conducting in the band classes; and composing musical arrangements for lessons. She played an important role in this year’s Christmas concert. She put together a teaching website and is easily able to incorporate technology into her music lessons. Sunny has volunteered her time three days per week for the past six months; the students all enjoy the special spark she brings to the classroom.


Sunny is fun and personable. She jumped at the opportunity to be connected to the local music community by joining the Nanaimo Community Band. Sunny’s experience in primary and intermediate music education, technological literacy, and knowledge of running a band program would make her a valuable and versatile music teacher for any elementary music program.


I recommend Sunny without reservation, as I know she would excel in delivering a quality music program with her enthusiasm and expertise.






Brianne de Verteuil

Band/Music Teacher – School District 68 (Nanaimo Ladysmith Public Schools)

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Dear parents,

My prime goal as a music educator is to help children to utilize music as a tool in expressing their feelings and ideas - in an environment where the students feel safe and welcomed.  Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions and concerns about your child or music program. 

Sunny J.Y. Chung


Sunny Ji-Yeon (Lee) Chung

Elementary Music, BIS


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