Grade 1

  • This is an introductory music class. The focus of these classes is to provide our students with many enjoyable experiences in music while giving them the opportunity to learn and develop a variety of music-related skills. Our students will be introduced to various styles and kinds of music which will serve as a vehicle in experiencing the various elements of music.  Students will become familiar with the elements of music through singing, playing games, playing instruments, listening and reading. Our students will have many opportunities to display their talents and excel in musical performance, reading music and musical literature, and evaluating musical form with varying structures.


  • Grade 1 will use school-provided glockenspiel, rhythm sticks and sogo to learn the musical concepts such as notes, scales, high and low, and simple beats/rhythm patterns.​

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Dear parents,

My prime goal as a music educator is to help children to utilize music as a tool in expressing their feelings and ideas - in an environment where the students feel safe and welcomed.  Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions and concerns about your child or music program. 

Sunny J.Y. Chung


Sunny Ji-Yeon (Lee) Chung

Elementary Music, BIS


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