Rememberance Day

January 01, 2020

remember those who fought for Canada.


Sub Lessons:

-What is Remembrance Day?

-Learn the song to commemorate our heroes.


Sound Effect/Music

January 01, 2020

Learn how music affects a movie scene.


Sub Lessons:

- How music can change a film (youtube)

- Major scale and minor scale

- Composing my own melody

- Film my own scene, put music to it to create the desired effect.

Sound Effect/Foley

January 01, 2020

Foley is the process of creating sound effects live in a studio to match a pre-recorded piece of video. A variety of props are used to create sound effects that can't properly be captured on set.  (from YouTube What is Foley Sound by Sound Ideas)


Sub Lessons:

-What is Foley?

-Create desired sound effect using materials around us.

-Become a foley artist.  Create sound effect to given scenes.

East Asia Drum - Japanese/Korean Taiko Drum

January 01, 2020

Japanese/Korean Taiko/Tago Drumming. Historical records suggest that taiko were introduced to Japan through Korean and Chinese cultural influence as early as the 6th century CE.  

This can be taught to Grade 3 and up.  


Sub Lessons:

-History of Tago drumming.

-Rhythm and Beat

-Learn to play tago.



Traditional Folk Song Cont'd - Canadian Folk Song 'Land Of The Silver Birch'

January 01, 2020

2nd part of the lesson on Traditional Folk Song.  Explore the Canadian folk song.  

Learn 'Land Of The Silver Birch'

Traditional Folk Song - Korean Folk Song Arirang

January 01, 2020

Goal: To broaden the students' appreciation of music from another culture.  Get familiar with the term traditional folk music.

Traditional Korean song, Arirang.

Learn to sing and dance Korean fan dance.

Great for "multi-cultural" concert.  This lesson can be part of a social studies unit.




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