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Rhythm Practice

Notes and Rest Duration / Value
Whole Note = 4 beats
Dotted Half Note = 3 beats
Half Note = 2 beats
Dotted Quarter Note = 1 & 1/2 beats
Quarter Note = 1 beat
Triplet = Three notes of equal length that are to be performed in the duration of two notes of equal length.
8th Note = 1/2 beat
Quarter Rest = 1 beat rest
16th Note = 1/4 beat
8th rest = 1/2 beat rest
Syncopation = displacement of the regular metrical accent occurs,

Pitch | Note Names and Accidentals

Note Names and Accidentals + Lesson from Music Theory . Net

You can

Click on the note to hear its pitch (high or low of the sound)

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Dynamic Signs

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Musical Terms and Signs


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