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March 19, 2020

This year, we are going to continue to tell you about the story of Moses.
The story continues from the last year's musical, Baby Moses,
(click the link above, to find out the storyline of our last year's musical)
A mother's desperate attempt at trying to save her baby son,
Her faith and hope find favor with God.
The baby ends up in the hands of an Egyptian princess
who names the baby, Moses, meaning,
"drawn from the water"
and raises the baby as her own.
Now, this is where our musical starts.
The boy grows up as the Egyptian prince.  But he knows who he is.
He is an Israelite, the slaves in the land of Egypt.
He wants to save his own people from the cruel slavery they are in,
but this attempt turns him into a runaway.
Moses, in a foreign land, becomes a shepherd,
and time passes.
Now, an old man, who has nothing to look forward to,
God calls him 
ordering Moses to deliver the Israelites,
the people whom God chose to be His people.
How will this mission unfold?
You can open up that bible at home, turn to 
Exodus 2:11-15:2
​(출애굽기 2:11-15:2)
and find out the miracles and wonders God performs for His people.

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