Songs for the Virtual Choir/Orchestra

What is Virtual Choir/Orchestra?  

Virtual Choir is an assembly of geographically dispersed singers performing choral works. Individual singers post videos of themselves singing their parts and technicians coordinate the audio into a single performance.

Singing and playing music together in music class was a huge part of our activity which we enjoyed very much.  But, the newly started online class brings a challenge to our favorite good old activity because of the limitations of technology.  Our internet speed is all different, making it impossible to sing and play music together in real-time. 

However, we can still enjoy the gift God has given us and be part of music-making as a group using the movie-making software. This is what you will do to make it happen: 

You are going to learn your own assigned parts.  We are going to have practice time during the class as well, just as we used to.  When we are ready as a class, you will video record yourself singing or playing your part - *You will be given instruction on this later. Once I get all your recordings, I am going to put them together to make a virtual choir.


Please take the time to take a look at the example videos below to get a better idea of what virtual choir is.  

How to choose a specific part in the noteflight score for viewing.

When you click on the link to the 'noteflight score' above, you will get the conductor's full score, meaning that all the parts such as the singing part, violin part, flute part, etc in the song will open up.  This can be problematic when you are practicing on learning your part, especially, when you want to view and focus on reading your part only.  So the video to the left will explain how to select your part only, for viewing.  


Click on the video to the left to learn to select your part for viewing, or you can read the instruction here:

When you open up the score, 

  1. find the instrument icon that says 'Parts'.  It is on the right upper corner of the screen. Click on it, then the panel of all the instruments will open up. 

  2. Choose the part you want by checking off the circle, which will show that chosen part only. 

  3. If you want to view another specific part along with your part,  then check off the square box.  Then you will be able to view all the instruments which you check off in the square box.

  1. BIS, We are One in God.

  2. BIS Song

  3. There is a Redeemer

  4. Arirang 아리랑

  5. Gabriel's Oboe (The Mission)

BIS Music - Table of Contents

Virtual Choir | Let's Learn our Parts

Protect your hearing by
keeping the volume of your devices at lower levels,
and adjust the volume from there.
1.  BIS, We are One in God

All parts together

Whoa, Whoa, B I S, Stronger, We're one in God, 

Whoa, Whoa, B I S, Stronger, We're one in God,

"No matter where we're, We are one in our God, 

The sprit of BIS never apart,

The fall and the barriers can never stop us, 

Pull on the carriers full of love, faith and hope."

"Sing to the God of the heaven and earth, 

Who was, and Who is, and Who is to come,

The almighty God of the heaven and earth."

"Shout to the mighty God who is our strength and joy"

Rise up, BIS!  We are the victorious warriors!

Heavenly army!  Raise up the banners of our mighty King!

We are the makers, we are the shakers, BIS,

"Shout to the mighty God, who is our strength and joy."

We are the makers, we are the shakers, BIS,

"Shout to the mighty God, who is our strength and joy."

Whoa, Whoa, BIS, Stronger, We're one in God, 

Whoa, Whoa, BIS, Stronger, We're one in God,

Stronger, We're one in God, 

Stronger, We're one in God, Ooh~

Grade 1, 2, 3 Part

Grade 4, 5 Part

Grade 6 Boys Part

Grade 6 Girls Part

 et théâtre

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