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Class will go online due to COVID-19.

School Starting Date: Thurs. Sept 3, 2020

Welcome Letter

August 24, 2020

Sunny JY Chung

BIS Elementary Music Teacher


Hello BIS parents,

Greetings from Sunny JY Chung, the BIS elementary music teacher.  I hope you, your family, and your workplace are safe and well.  I am so excited to start a new school year with your child.  I cannot wait to see our BIS students fill the school with melodies and artistry which resound with the passion for learning and working together. 


COVID-19 has changed the culture around us.  Our music class will have to face some inevitable changes as well.  We are going to rely more on the online software and percussion instruments for music-making.  Moreover, we are going to put a little more emphasis on music theory and history.


I would like to share with you how the music class will look like this year:


  1. The class projects for music-making will be geared toward building the virtual choir and offline music ensembles such as bucket drumming/percussion ensemble and string orchestra.  You can go to www.sunnyjychung.com/videos to get a better understanding of what virtual choir/orchestra is.  Hopefully, we will be able to share some meaningful work for special events such as Christmas, Gospel Night, Spring Concert, and Club Activities whether we go online or offline.

  2. I am going to use an online-composition software called noteflight with the upper grades - G4,5,6 for theory and composition.

  3. We are going to focus more on the history of music and composers.


There is a saying that it takes a whole community to raise a child.  I cannot agree more with this.  To ensure the success of our students, we need parents and teachers to work together as a team.  Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions and concerns.  I will be more than happy to hear from you regarding any matter with your child or the music program.  


You can go to my website at www.sunnyjychung.com.  This website will work as a window to my music class. 


I will be sending you the ‘email’ and ‘music google classroom announcements’ every now and then to communicate with you.  


I am looking forward to a fun-filled, meaningful, and memorable year with your child.




Sunny Ji-Yeon Chung




Music Class Material 

Grade 1

  1. Pencil, eraser

Grade 2

  1. Pencil, eraser, 

  2. Staff line and notes from last year

Grade 3

  1. Nanta stick (난타 전용 난타스틱 난타채), 

  2. Staff line and notes from last year

  3. pencil, eraser

Grade 4

  1. Nanta stick (난타 전용 난타스틱 난타채), 

  2. Staff line and notes from last year

  3. pencil, eraser

Grade 5

  1. Nanta stick (난타 전용 난타스틱 난타채), 

  2. Laptop, 

  3. Pencil, eraser

Grade 6

  1. Nanta stick (난타 전용 난타스틱 난타채), 

  2. Laptop, 

  3. Pencil, eraser

Class will go online due to COVID-19


           About Me 

Here is a little background about me:  This is my 3rd year here at BIS. I've immensely enjoyed working with our talented and lovely BIS students. I love that my two sons attending BIS are surrounded by well-mannered, kind, and bright students. The caring teachers and lovely students create a friendly and warm atmosphere of this school, and this makes me proud to be part of BIS. 

I studied at the University of Toronto to acquire my Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Education. I am both an Ontario and British Columbia certified teacher. Before coming to BIS, I worked in a French Immersion Elementary School in B.C. Canada as the primary music teacher.  This school had a similar atmosphere and school culture as BIS; eager students, supportive parents, and collaborative teaching and administrative teams. 


Before working as a music teacher, I enjoyed working as a volunteer school mom in my sons' school in Canada and Christian school in my neighborhood, helping put up the musical and school concerts. I carry many fond memories of my schools in Canada, and I am so grateful that I am able to continue to add to them here at BIS with absolutely amazing people whom I am honored to work with. 

I look forward to a year that we learn to overcome challenges with a positive and caring attitude.  Learning to love and care for others as we all take humble yet bold steps toward our responsibilities as the students, parents, and teachers.  As we take humble steps before our God, I believe that He will lead us to the light, helping us learn more about ourselves, and learn to become more Christ-like. 

May God's grace rest upon our BIS community, our society, and our country.

 et théâtre

Contact Mrs. Chung

Dear parents,

My prime goal as a music educator is to help children to utilize music as a tool in expressing their feelings and ideas - in an environment where the students feel safe and welcomed.  Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions and concerns about your child or music program. 

Sunny J.Y. Chung


Sunny Ji-Yeon (Lee) Chung

Elementary Music, BIS 



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