Grade 5

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Online G5 | 2023-24

What we learn in grade 5 music: (All students need their ukuleles for the music class)

Welcome to BIS Grade 5 Music

Note:  As we progress through the academic year, the curriculum plan may be subject to changes based on the evolving needs and interests of our students. Additionally, school events and special occasions may also influence certain adjustments to our teaching approach.

Our priority is to ensure an engaging and relevant learning experience for our students, and this may occasionally require us to adapt our curriculum to better cater to their development and unique interests.

Class Expectations, Rewards, Consequences


             Be Respectful

             Raise your hand and wait to be called on

             Wait your turn (remote learners stay muted until asked by the teacher to unmute)

             Treat others with kindness

Be Responsible

             Complete your work/turn in assignments in class.  Use your time wisely in class! 

             Take care of class materials


Be Safe  

             Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself


             Class choice/free day

   Point for the BIS House


1st  – Warning

2nd – Warning

3rd – Think Sheet

4th – Get the Think Sheet  signed by your teacher

5th  – Get the Think Sheet  signed by the principal

6th  – Get the Think Sheet signed by your parents.