Music Theory | Lower grades learn to read and play notes on the staff through engaging games and fun activities using Nearpod and BoomCards.


Graphic Score | representation of music using visual symbols such as lines, shapes, etc.

Notating the opening section of the 'Toccata in D minor' by J.S. Bach

by Shu Kim, G4

Compositions using traditional western style notes | we use the software Noteflight/or Flat to notate


2020-21 | Our Grade 6 student, Ivan Lee, had the honor of winning first place!

 BIS students participated in the KIMEA 2021-21 Composition Competition 

(Korean International Music Education Association), 

and our Grade 6 student, Ivan Lee, had the honor of winning first place.

Grade 4, 5, 6 learn to use the online composition software called 'Noteflight' to bring their melody to life.  Melody is created by coming up with a motif and putting it in sequence.   The composition is in ABA form.
Click the sound icon below to listen to the awesome work of our students.

Enjoy the work of our BIS composers!


Ivan Lee G6 | The Winner of 2020-21 KIMEA Composition Competition,

      Elementary Division          

Hello, my name is Ivan from G6

Elementary School Division

Winner:  Ivan Lee, BIS, "A Party of Simple Notes"

Runners up: Hyunjin Park, Dwight, "Adventure"

Middle School Division

Winner: John (Jeongho) Woo, KIS, "Harmony of Mind"

Runner Up: Seoho Han, Dwight, "Light of Space"

High School Division

Winner: Jonathan Myong, SFS, "String Quintet in F Major"

Runners Up: Arnold Han, SFS, "Eternal Legacy" and Roy Kwon, Breanna Lee, Daisy Ahn, Fayston, "Snow Angels"