2020-21-Spring Concert 

Join the sound of spring~

Friday, May 28, 2021 

Hello BIS Family and Friends,

One of the American politicians had said that the 

"Education is a shared commitment between 

dedicated teachers, 

motivated students 

and enthusiastic parents with high expectations."

What better way to prove this than to have a school concert?  Our BIS Virtual Spring Concert has proved that BIS is a supportive, aspiring, wholesome community consisting of enthusiastic, hardworking students, dedicated teachers and staff, and loving, caring, supportive parents. 

The enthusiasm, dedication, and endeavor of our BIS students are the seed that makes the existence of our school valuable and endearing.  Not only that, we have parents who are nothing but supportive, caring, and loving of their children.  I was amazed to see how much effort parents have put in to make this concert even a possibility during this pedantic time.  I know that going virtual means video recording, organizing the files, and finding ways to submit and share the work with the school.  As a parent myself, I understand that this can be a tedious chore and extra work on the parents' part.  However, while collecting and monitoring all the videos, I saw that the parents would not settle for less when it comes to their children.  Borrowing this time, I would like to thank all the parents who put their time and effort into video recording and submitting the work of their lovely children. 

I had so much fun working on the BIS Virtual Spring Concert.  I found myself smiling big and wide while editing and watching the videos of our BIS students.  I hope this concert will remind you of who we are.  We are the people who love and care.  We are the people who are supportive of each other.  We are a team.  We are BIS.  

Thank you again.  


Sunny JY Chung