Spring Concert 2022-23

Friday, April 28, 2023
Concert ONE (G125) 9:00-10:10

Concert TWO (G346) 10:45-11:45

Concert Three (Secondary & BIS Orchestra) 2:45-3:30 


Spring Concert I
[Grade 1,2,5]

Spring Concert II
[Grade 3,4,6]

Note to viewers:
Go to the YouTube website to watch.  You will find the timestamp in the description:  To go directly to a specific part of the video, click on the timestamp corresponding to that part (image below). The timestamp should be located in the video's timeline or description. This will take you directly to the desired section of the video. 

Spring Concert III
[Secondary & BIS Orchestra]

BIS Music Teachers:

Elementary - Sunny Chung (schung@bisce.net)

Secondary - Joanna Lee (joannalee@bisce.net)