Welcome to BIS elementary music class. 

 My name is Sunny Ji-Yeon Chung.  The school year 2022-23 is my 5th year at BIS.  I've immensely enjoyed working with our talented and lovely BIS students.  At BIS, we have well-mannered, kind, and bright students.  The caring teachers and lovely students create a friendly and warm atmosphere in this school, making me proud to be part of BIS. 

I studied at the University of Toronto to acquire my Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Education degrees.  I am both an Ontario and British Columbia certified teacher.  Before coming to BIS, I worked at a public elementary school in B.C. Canada as the primary music teacher.  This school had a similar atmosphere and culture as BIS; eager students, supportive parents, and collaborative teaching and administrative teams. 

Before working as a music teacher, I enjoyed working as a volunteer school mom in my sons' public school in Canada and a Christian school in my neighborhood, helping to produce musical and school concerts.  I carry many fond memories of my schools in Canada, and I am so grateful that I can continue to add to them here at BIS with amazing people I am privileged to work with. 

My prime goal as a music educator is to help children utilize music to express their feelings and ideas in an environment where the students feel safe and welcomed.  Do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions or concerns about your child or the music program.  

I look forward to a year filled with joyful melodies! 


Sunny JY Chung
Sunny JY Chung

Music Class Supply List

Music Class Supply List

Music Classroom

Music Classroom

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KIMEA Composition Competition


BIS School Song

1)We, here at BIS, let’s march into the world and share God’s love,

We open all our hearts, To our divine mission, 

Let God’s great providence 

Be revealed in us.

2)We, here at BIS, proclaim the word of God, with open hearts.

Though we may face hardship, We will never give up, 

Let God’s great love and grace

Be revealed in us.

3)We, here at BIS, gain knowledge and wisdom to share with all.

All corners of our world, All those in need of care,

With open arms and minds

We will be there.

4)We, here at BIS, nurtured by truth and love, 

We will march on, Wherever we may go, 

Let God’s divine light show, 

Casting aside all shadow, 

BIS will shine on.