Student Compositions

Speak to me in music, let me hear your soul

Grade 4, 5, 6 learn to use the online composition software called 'Noteflight' to bring their melody to life.
Melody is created by coming up with a motif and putting it in sequence. The composition is in ABA form.

Enjoy the work of our BIS composers!


Ivan Lee G6 | The Winner of 2020-21 KIMEA Composition Competition,

Elementary Division

Hello, my name is Ivan from G6
Party of Simple Notes by Ivan Lee - BIS - Reflection

Check out the KIMEA C.C. Winners in Other Divisions

Elementary School Division

Winner: Ivan Lee, BIS, "A Party of Simple Notes"

Runners up: Hyunjin Park, Dwight, "Adventure"

Middle School Division

Winner: John (Jeongho) Woo, KIS, "Harmony of Mind"

Runner Up: Seoho Han, Dwight, "Light of Space"

High School Division

Winner: Jonathan Myong, SFS, "String Quintet in F Major"

Runners Up: Arnold Han, SFS, "Eternal Legacy" and Roy Kwon, Breanna Lee, Daisy Ahn, Fayston, "Snow Angels"

BIS Grade 4-6 Students,
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