Youtuber 우쿨렐레 유니 ukulele yooni's Lesson and Play-Along


Ukulele Fingering

Ukulele Chord Diagram C,G,A,F

Music in Ukulele Booklet | CHORDs

You will find the Ukulele Beginner's Booklet in your Google Classroom. Can't post it here due to copyright.

C Chord - Page 7

Track 2 | C Chord

Track 3 | C Chord with the Quarter Rest

Track 4 | Three Blind Mice

Track 5 | C Chord with the Half Rest

Track 6 | C Chord with the Half Rest 2

F Chord - Page 9

Track 7 | F Chord

Track 8 | F Chord with the Whole Rest

Track 9 | Frere Jacque (Brother John)

Track 10 | Mix C and F Chords

Track 11 | Mix C and F Chords 2

G7 Chord - Page 17

Track 13 | G7 Chord

Track 14 |Mix C, F, G7 Chords

Track 15 | Pay Me My Money Down

G Chord

Another way D7

D7 Chord

Track 35 | Ten Little Ukuleles

Playing SingLE NOTES | C Major Scale

Playing the melody on Ukulele

Brother John

Brother John


Barges (Chords, Tab)
Ukulele Booklet Accompaniment Music Score

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