Ukulele Tuning

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Holding position

1. Keep it close to your chest.

2. Hold the neck in your left hand.

3. Bend your right arm at the elbow.

4. Allow your right-hand fingers to rest gently on the ukulele strings a little bit up the neck from the sound hole.

3 tips that will help you become a great strummer on the uke.

The topic of discussion:

1. Which finger to use when strumming.

2. Where to strum on the ukulele.

3. Looseness and flexibility of the wrist.

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Lesson and Play-Along with Youtuber 'Ukulele Yooni'

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My Dog Has Fleas

Jolly Jolly Rhythm

Jolly Jolly Rhythm

My Dog Has Fleas

My Dog Has Fleas


The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Count on Me `

Count on Me 1

I'm Yours

True Colors

Lost Boy


(Fast chord change)

Dance Monkey


Someone You Loved


Lemon Tree

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Ukulele Fingering Chart

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Playing SingLE NOTES | C Major Scale

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Ukulele Beginner's Booklet | CHORDs

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