BIS Christmas Concert

God so Love the Wolrd that He Sent His One and Only Son

BIS Christmas Concert 2020-2021
God So Loved the World that He Sent His One and Only Son

Synopsis / Summary:

The apatemoros (apate=deceit, moros=doom) does not want humans to realize the love and grace of God. Christmas time is coming, and they want this Christmas to be all about celebration and gifts.

Meanwhile, BIS teachers are in a staff meeting, planning to celebrate the love and grace of God through Jesus Christ. Their theme is 'God so loved the world that He sent His one and only son.' Teachers are excited to share this truth with the BIS students, and they begin to decorate their classrooms for Christmas. Upon learning about this plan, Apatemoros decides to kidnap the BIS teachers, and while the teachers are decorating their classrooms in Jesus theme, Apatemoros kidnap the teachers.

Without any knowledge of the disappearance of the teachers, students arrive at school. There is no Ms. Won greeting students at the gate, and no teachers are waiting for their students in their classrooms. And even after the bell rings, no teachers are showing up to start the class. Students realize that something went wrong!

BIS students go on an adventure to rescue their teachers. But it's not easy. Apatemoros try to defeat the BIS students by convicting and accusing them of their weaknesses. Just about when they are to give up the fight, they remember the messages from the Bible teacher. "We are not perfect, and yes, we fail. And this is why we need the love and grace of God. And this is why God sent Jesus Christ to us." The word of God, the truth, sets them free and gives them the courage to keep going.

This is a story about the BIS students seeking wisdom and strength from the word of God as they plan to fight the Apatemoros and save the BIS teachers. Thanks to BIS students, the BIS teachers and students altogether celebrate the happiest Christmas ever.