Meet the Teachers Night

September 7, 2022 | @ 4:30 pm

Welcome to Elementary Music Class! I am Mrs. Chung

Name: Sunny Ji-Yeon Chung

Title: BIS grade 1-6 music teacher


Work Experience:

  • Present - BIS | Korea | Music Teacher | It is my 5th year at BIS

  • Past - Elementary Public School | B.C. Canada| Music Teacher | Two years

Photo taken before covid. The good old days when I could see the students' beautiful smile....

About Music Class

Class Environment

  • When students come to music class, they take off their shoes and sit on the four different color carpets. They are seated in their 'House Groups.'

  • BIS has four house groups: Baekdu (black carpet), Halla (Yellow carpet), Seorak (Orange carpet), and Jiri (Blue carpet).

  • This seating is for well-controlled class management purposes.

  • The seating position will change as I will rearrange the position of the carpet. The carpets will change back and front, right and left, throughout the year. Eventually, the position of the students will change too. The first row to the second row, and so on.

(P.S. I brought my vacuum to school. I vacuum the carpets everyday.)

Class Rules

  • We have four basic rules in the music class. They are to keep the class orderly, safe, and fair for everyone:

      • 1) Listen and follow the direction

      • 2) Put your hand up before speaking and getting out of your seat.

      • 3) Respect your teachers and classmates.

      • 4) Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

Music Google Classroom

  • All the lessons are posted on Music Google Classroom (refer to the image below). If you click 'Classwork.' All the postings will be displayed in order.

      • Check out the titles of the posting (pink circle): The number '0831' means August 31. 'Lesson' means lesson. 'Homework' means homework.

      • I don't usually give out homework in music class, but if I ever do, it is because it's really important to move on to the next step. But I assure you, it is very unlikely that you will get homework in music class, especially for the lower grades.

          • However, if we ever have homework, the due date can be found in the posting. (green circle)

  • Let's say you clicked the posting which was circled in pink in the above image; when you click the posting, you will be able to find out what we did in music class, and in what order, that day. Also, you will be able to find links to handouts, songs, music scores, and lesson slides.
    (refer to the image below)

Quick access to songs we work on in music class.

  • Students enjoy singing, and sometimes they probably sing at home, too. But what if they can't remember the lyrics, and they want quick access to the songs? You can see the lyric and/or music scores for instruments on my website:
    (refer to the image below)

        • on the browser, type in ''

        • Cursor over 'Music Class Overview' (circled in pink), then the panel will open up.

        • Then, click 'Songs' (circled in green).

    • Once on the song page, you can click the image to choose the songs you want. However, access is granted to the account holder only. Make sure that you are signed into your child's account for access.

When we go online - online help

  • Online has become part of our lives. In music class, we use online platforms such as Seesaw, Boom cards, Nearpod, and Noteflight. These are great educational platforms, and they require login. Upper grades and BIS students who have been with us for years have no problem with this. However, new students and lower grades might face some problems when they are online. In this case, please go to:

          • My website
            (refer to the image below)

          • Cursor over the 'Online Activities' (circled in pink), and the panel will open.

          • Click 'Online Help' (circled in green)

              • This page will have step-by-step guidance with the login.

  • If this is too much work, please practice with your child on 'how to share the screen' in Google Meet. If the child's screen is shared, I will be able to instruct the student to solve the online problem. The below video shows you how to share the screen in Google Meet.

More information

  • Please feel free to checkout my website to learn more about the music class. Check out what we learn in music class by going to 'Class.'

  • Check out BIS events by going to 'School Events'

If you have any questions about your child . . .

  • Please email me to set up an appointment for the online meeting. Please include the following information in the email :

        • Name of the child/grade.

        • The topic for discussion.

        • Several available times we can choose from for the meeting.

It was nice meeting you!

Thank you for coming to Meet the Teachers Night. I am honored to have your trust and support. I will do my best to create fun and dear memories in music class!


Sunny Ji-Yeon Chung